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What surf lessons are available for surfing?

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Are you interested in surfing and want to take your first wave soon? Or are you already one of the advanced and want to take your skills to the next level? Then read in this article about the different surfing courses and also learn why surfing is also great for children and thus the family holiday.

Sun, beach, sea and surfing – everything easy?

A very clear no! Especially beginners should not go into the water without experienced accompaniment. Where there are waves, there are also currents and these can be treacherous. Experienced surfers can educate you about these and other dangers. A surf course is therefore an important first step in getting to know the most important risks and conditions on site in addition to the right technique.

Group course vs. private course

For each level there are courses in groups as well as with private teachers. Especially for beginners group courses are recommended. These are not only much cheaper, but also offer you more opportunities to take a break. Because what you may not have known: Learning to surf can be very exhausting! In addition, you will learn from the mistakes of others in group courses and meet interesting people. For progress, private courses are much more recommendable. In most cases, learning units of only 2 hours on the water are enough to specifically eliminate weak points or learn new maneuvers. But group courses can also be interesting for advanced students. Because here, too, you always learn from the mistakes of others.

What surf lessons are there for budding surfers?


Here you will first get to know the theoretical basics of surfing as well as the physics of the waves. After a short warm-up program, you will then go to the Weißwasser, where you practice paddling and take-off. Once this step has been completed, we practice and refine diligently. After a few days you often go into the green water, where you paddle the first unbroken waves. We recommend that you plan at least three, better five days for the beginner's course.


Here you usually consolidate your skills when paddling green water waves and learn first turns. In addition, you will be systematically introduced to larger waves and get many tips to refine your technique even further. Diving manoeuvres and the rules of conduct in the line-up are also often part of the curriculum.


These courses are all about refining your already mature surfing skills. This will improve your turns and develop more spray. Often, advanced courses are an ideal way to build further confidence for bigger waves and tackle them together with locals who are very familiar with the spots.

At what age can children learn to surf?

As soon as children can swim safely, nothing stands in the way of the first surf course! For children from 5 years of age, it can sometimes go into the water with the board. For added safety, we at Quipleon recommend wearing thin children's life jackets. Most surf camps offer courses for children from 6 years of age. Thus, surfing is an ideal sport for the summer holidays of families. But as always with water sports, safety is the most important commandment. We therefore recommend that you always introduce the offspring to the sport with a professional surf course for children. If you do not surf yourself, then it is best to take part in the safety briefing of the children's course yourself.

[Here] (https://www.quipleon.com) on Quipleon you can book the right surf course for you or independently board and accessories. Or do you want to rent a board but don't know which one is right for you yet? Then learn more in this article.