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Find the right surf board and accessories for surfing

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Surfing, often called synonymous surfing, is one of the most popular lifestyle sports of our time! Close relatives of surfing are windsurfing and kitesurfing. In this article, we will introduce you to the different types of surfboards and accessories such as Wetsuite and Leash. But first a few words about the history of surfing.

History of surfing

Hard to imagine, but scientifically proven: our ancestors used the power of waves to surf at least 1000 years ago. The origin of the sport is believed to be body surfing. The surfers of the time first gained additional buoyancy by means of things like tree trunks before switching to boards. Surfing, as we know it today, comes from the islands of Hawaii and has been a popular trend sport since the 50s at the latest.

Which surf boards are there

When surfing, we distinguish two basic types of boards:

  • Shortboard (8 feet or shorter)
  • Longboard (longer than 8 feet or 2.44 meters).

Both species have different characteristics in terms of buoyancy, stability, maneuverability and speed.


  • Level: Ideal for beginners and slightly advanced, as this is the easiest way to catch waves and keep your balance
  • Design: Relatively thick board with rounded nose. Longboards shorter than 9 feet (2.74m) are also called Malibu or Funboard
  • Advantage: A lot of stability and buoyancy! As a foam board the best choice for beginners


Almost exclusively suitable for advanced surfers, as shortboards are difficult to handle. There are a number of different types of shortboards:

Standard Shortboards

  • Level: Advanced and professional (typical board for competitions)
  • Design: Adapted to the skill and experience of the surfer between 6-7 feet long.

Evolution Boards, aka Funboards

  • Level: Suitable for "advanced beginners" who are aiming to switch to standard shortboards
  • Design: Longer, wider and thicker than standard shortboards, but similar in shape with pointed nose
  • Advantage: relatively stable and relatively manoeuvrable


  • Level: Advanced
  • Design: Short version of the longboard (same design), only shorter than 8 feet
  • Advantage: More manoeuvrable than Malibus

Fish, Frog, Egg

  • Level: Advanced and Professional
  • Design: Under 6 feet in length (1.83 meters)
  • Advantage: Ideal for onshore winds and slightly smaller waves


  • Level: Advanced and Professional
  • Design: With a length of 7 to about 12 feet, it can be assigned to both short and longboards. Very narrow with pointed bow
  • Advantage: Ideal for very large waves and high speeds

At our surf board rentals you can test different types of surf boards, so you can find the right board for your surf style.

What other equipment do you need for surfing?

Surf Suit

Mostly made of neoprene, the surf suit keeps you warm even in cold waters and offers sun protection. For warmer waters, shorties are also suitable, with long legs recommended as they protect you from abrasions. For surf trips lasting several days, we recommend a lycra shirt and appropriate swimming trunks to avoid skin abrasion.

Recommended strength of the surf suit depending on the water temperature:

  • Below 16 °C: Long-sleeved teamer with 3-4mm and more (+ shoes and possibly hood)
  • 16 – 20 °C: Long sleeve teamer with 2-3mm (typical all-round suit + shoes)
  • From 20 °C: Shorty with 2mm torso area and 1 mm for arms and legs
  • From 25 °C: Boardshorts and Lycra shirt are sufficient, so you do not need a surf suit


An absolute must-have! The leash prevents you from losing your surfboard and injuring others.

Surf wax

Important for enough grip on the top of the surfboard. This prevents unnecessary slipping when taking off. Depending on the water temperature, you need hot or cold water wax.


On stony ground and cold water temperatures a must-have to protect yourself from cuts and hypothermia.

You don't have to worry about renting a surf suit, Leash and shoes, because they are usually included in the surf board rental. Often there are bundle offers for surf board rental. Every local surf rental has exactly the right equipment for the conditions for the surf spot nearby.

Did you feel like surfing? You can book the right surf board and accessories for your next summer here on Quipleon. Or do you want to take surflessons? Then inform yourself here about the different [course offers] (https://www.quipleon.com/en/blog/surf-lessons) in surfing.