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SUP tours and sup yoga - a pure joy for everyone

vor fast 2 Jahren

There are great SUP tours out there!

Actually, there is nothing that you cannot do on the Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP). At least we at Quipleon were impressed and excited when we first heard about a SUP bachelorette party. In this article we will show you some of the different variations of stand up paddling. This is how you can make your next summer sporty and versatile:

SUP Yoga: Yoga on the water as a sporting challenge due to the instability of the board in the water

SUP workout: sweating on the water with an occasional cool down in between!

Sunset SUP tour: What better way to end the day in a sporty and relaxed way?

Moonlight SUP tour: Discover the moon and the stars from a new perspective

Love-SUP tour: Dating on the SUP? Yes, it exists - and who knows, maybe this is where you will find your actual match

SUP lessons: Here you can learn the basics before your first SUP adventure

No guarantee for completeness ;)

And if one thing is certain, it is that the above list of SUP tours is incomplete! Maybe you'll invent the next variation tomorrow? By the way, there are also indoor SUP workouts and yoga! And yes, also partner exercises are possible on specially made SUPs for several people. So you can avoid the gym even in bad weather and train your deep muscles on the water.

Would you like to stand on a SUP independently from a group? Then learn here what you should look out for when renting a SUP board and paddle. Or do you already know which equipment you need? Then book now on Quipleon.

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