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Find the right Stand Up Paddle Board at your SUP rental station

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Stand-up paddling has a long tradition among fishermen around Tahiti. In Hawaii, too, surf instructors have been seen paddling from the beach into the line-up since the 20th century. This allows the surf instructor to progress faster and keep an optimal eye on his or her students. Today, stand up paddling is a sport in its own right, with increasing popularity and a growing SUP rental network globally.

What should you consider for your SUP rental?

For beginners, choosing a SUP board is easy! The most important thing is the load capacity of the board. Consider both your body weight and that of your luggage for longer tours. Notable differences are the following:

SUP Level

  • <u>Beginners</u>: We recommend a rather shorter all-round board (approx. 9-11 feet) at the beginning, as this is particularly manoeuvrable.
  • <u>Advanced:</u> A touring SUP (longer and narrower board, mostly pointed nose) is suitable for longer tours, but also requires better stability of the paddler.
  • <u>Proficient:</u> race hardboard (usually 14 feet) to be able to achieve high speeds.

SUP board type

  • <u>Inflatable:</u> Compared to the hardboard, it is easy to transport, saves space when stored and is robust to handle.
  • <u>Hardboard:</u> offers slightly better handling characteristics than the inflatable, faster speed and is better suited to swell.

SUP length, thickness and volume

  • <u>Length:</u> More length = higher speed, better directional stability and usually a higher volume (can carry more weight). Short boards are more agile and less suitable for longer tours.
  • <u>Width:</u> Wider boards (32-36 inches) - are much more stable on the water than their narrower siblings (25-29 inches).

SUP Paddle

  • <u>Weight:</u> The longer the planned route, the more important the respective weight
    • Aluminum paddle - high weight (about 1,000 grams)
    • Fiberglass paddle - medium weight (<1,000 grams)
    • Carbon paddle - very light (< 500 grams)
  • <u>Shape and Flexibility:</u> Shaft flex, thickness and paddle shape are nuances and what matters most is personal preference. If you rent, you can try different paddles and find the right one for you.
  • <u>Number of paddle parts:</u> Two- or three-piece paddles can be individually adjusted to your height and three-piece paddles can be transported particularly compactly in an inflatable SUP backpack.

SUP Brands available at many SUP renal stations

There are many good brands at the SUP rental station. Some of the most well-known include:

  • Fanatic
  • Mistral
  • Starboard
  • Naish
  • JP Australia
  • RRD Roberto Ricci
  • NSP
  • Red Paddle

Experiences and activities available at your SUP rental station

Anyone who thinks that you can only paddle on the SUP in a standing position is wrong. In fact, there's almost nothing you can't do on the SUP. Examples include SUP-yoga, SUP bachelor parties and SUP-workouts. You can find out more about this here.


If you borrow a SUP at the rental station instead of buying it, you can do justice to the respective conditions and your ever-improving SUP skills with the most appropriate equipment. So you don't have to repeatedly buy a new SUP over time and hence can easily make your contribution to environmental protection by avoiding waste.

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