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The best canoe tours & activities

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The best canoe tours for everyone

With a canoe, whether Canadian or kayak, you can ideally combine sport, exploration and relaxation. Here, you can not only discover nature, but also cities from their rivers. Water sports can even be combined with alpine surroundings when rafting. In short, the canoe offers many activities you can do in your free time. In this article, we introduce you to the most popular canoe activities.

Canoe hiking

On day tours or tours lasting several days, you can ideally explore coastal regions, lake districts or rivers by canoe (preferably Canadian). Nature lovers like to combine such tours with camping and bird watching. If you want a little more comfort, plan a route along B&B accommodations near the shore. This is the ideal way to combine culture, beach holidays and sport.

Canoe Sightseeing

You want to discover a city from a different perspective? This is exactly what a sightseeing tour in Berlin or other water-rich cities offers you. Leave the traffic behind and make time for swimming breaks on hot days. Lake Constance is particularly suitable for this. Because many waterfront promenades, like those of Constance, have a very special charm when viewed from the water.

Canoe Rafting

If you are looking for adventure, rafting is just the right thing for you! Pass rapids, get an adrenaline rush and challenge your responsiveness! Rafting is particularly suitable for small groups, but also for families on somewhat quieter river sections! However, always think about your safety and rent the necessary equipment such as a helmet and life jacket. Your local rental company will be happy to advise you!

Guided tours or on your own

Of course, you can also plan and carry out the activities described above yourself. In this article you will learn the most important aspects when choosing the right canoe for you. And whether it's an airboat, folding boat or solid-fuel boat, you can easily rent your next boat on Quipleon.

As always, if you rent sports equipment instead of buying it, you do make a contribution to environmental protection in addition to additional comfort! Because avoiding waste is elementary so that future generations can still find beautiful nature while paddling.