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How to choose the right canoe at your rental shop

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It is not always easy for beginners to decide which canoe to rent. This article will simplify your canoe rental decision making process by providing guidance for your considerations when choosing the right canoe for your level of skills and the corresponding application. Or do you already know what you want to rent? Here you can go directly to make your booking on Quipleon.

Historic background

The canoe has been used by humans since thousands of years. Scientific evidence for the first original canoe is around 6000 years old. The kayaks and canoes that are so popular today have been further developed from the skin boats of the Eskimos and the bark boats of the North American Indians. Canoes have always been used for transportation and fishing. Even today, canoes are still of great importance for athletes and adventurers.

What should you consider for your canoe rental?

Canoe, kayak, canadian - What are the differences

The term canoe includes the two boat types kayak and canoe. These in turn differ in shape, design and other characteristics. Here is an overview:


  • Paddle: double paddle
  • Boat shape: Narrow
  • Speed: Fast
  • Use: sportive tours
  • Sitting position: deep seated
  • Top: mostly closed
  • Baggage load: little

Canadian (colloquially canoe)

  • Paddle: single bladed paddle
  • Boat shape: Wide
  • Speed: Slow
  • Use: relaxed tours
  • Sitting position: kneeling or sitting
  • Top: open
  • Baggage allowance: a lot

Beginners are now spoiled for choice! With a rental kayak you will initially have fewer problems paddling with the double paddle and will pick up speed faster. On the other hand, the Canadian is more stable in the water and is therefore less at risk of tipping over. This is a clear advantage, especially if there are two of you and you are still inexperienced.

Advanced users should choose the rental canoe according to the planned activity.

Which type of boat should you rent for what activity?

The right choice depends primarily on the length of the planned tour and the type of waters you want to use it at. Whether airboat, folding boat or solid boat is initially secondary.

Long tours

The canoe, with its more generous space for your luggage, offers a clear advantage for long tours. It is therefore our clear favorite, especially for multi-day tours with a tent. However, if you have sporting ambitions and above all want to cover a lot of kilometers, then we recommend leaving your luggage behind and to go for a kayak rental.

Type of waters

Both canoes and kayaks are suitable for tours on calm rivers and lakes. Connoisseurs often prefer the more manoeuvrable kayak for white water and waves

Family tours

Our clear favorite here is the Canadian. It is more stable in the water than the kayak, offers more storage space and it is easier to get into the boat.

Canoe Materials

Basically, you can choose between three types: inflatable boats, folding boats, and solid boats. Inflatable and folding boats are particularly suitable for those who want to buy a canoe and therefore regularly have to transport it to the water and store it at home. However, if you prefer to rent a canoe, you can easily benefit from the better driving characteristics of the solid-fuel boats.


Exercising on the water is not without its dangers. We therefore strongly recommend that you observe the safety regulations of your canoe or kayak rental station. In addition, they know the local conditions and can point out the respective dangers on site.