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Riding a bike is a great sport - why?

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Short history excursion

Why do you actually ride a bike? Initially, cycling was reserved for the upper classes. With the so-called high wheel, it was also customary to spit down on the lower people. This increased especially when the Niederrad became more and more popular at the end of the 19th century and the upper class lost its bicycle privileges. It celebrated its final triumphal march in the following century, as an individual means of transport it was especially popular with factory workers as a means of transport to work. In recent years, there has been a real boom in the bike industry and it is neither an integral part of everyday transport nor sports equipment.

Biking, the most beautiful sport

To call something the most beautiful sport in the world is certainly a very subjective perspective. But you don't even have to find cycling or biking particularly beautiful to acknowledge that it's just practical. Away from sports, the bike is becoming more and more part of everyday life, and not only in the urban environment. With its higher speed and range, the e-bike can also make good progress outside the cities with low emissions. Whether for commuting or shopping – nowadays everything is possible by bike. Whether with an electric motor as an aid or only on short distances, you always have to move when you ride a bike. The health aspect of cycling is therefore an important one and the step towards seeing the bicycle as a piece of sports equipment is then not too far away. The bicycle is also celebrating its renaissance as sports equipment and its field of application knows (almost) no limits.

Bikes on bikes on bikes – but which one should I take?

If you go to the bike shop around the corner today, you will first be struck by the sheer amount of different bicycles. Almost every niche in bike sports is occupied by a bike that is ideally suited for this purpose. In addition to the surface on which you want to move with your bike, it also depends on your personal preferences and your skills. So you can decide each time anew what you need. You can find more information about our approach in the LINK section.

Renting bikes – the most relaxed form of pedaling

Renting your bike has the main advantage that you get a perfectly maintained and up-to-date bike. Modern bikes are becoming more and more technically demanding due to various features and only work perfectly with regular maintenance. We at Quipleon want to help you choose the perfect bike. That's why you will find information on choosing the right equipment in our blog. So you are always ideally prepared for your next bike adventure.