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Find the right Kitesurfing lessons for yourself

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The next kitesurfing season is just about to start? Or would you like to enter into the world of kitesurfing? Either way, choosing the right kitesurfing lessons is key for your endeavor. In this guide, we give you an overview of the typical lessons offered at kitesurfing schools, so that you can have the ideal start into this exciting sport, or live up to your ambitions for the new season.

Three questions in advance

Can I learn kitesurfing without professional lessons?

Some budding kitesurfers ask themselves this question. For safety reasons (for you, and other water sports enthusiasts), we at Quipleon advise against learning this sport without professional accompaniment. Because kitesurfing is one of the more complex sports and requires the simultaneous handling of the kiteboard and the kite. Beginners therefore need at least a 3-day lessons to master their first ride on the water.

At what age can children join kitesurfing schools?

The minimum age for kitesurfing lessons is usually 12-14 years. Special children's lessons are offered for this age group. For adult courses, you should weigh a minimum of 50kg. If you weigh less, we recommend an agreement with the kitesurfing school in advance. Private courses are often a good and common alternative in this case.

Do I need my own equipment to take part in a kitesurfing lesson?

In the case of advanced courses and private lessons, no universal answer can be given. This is different with beginner lessons and refresher courses, because here usually the complete equipment is provided. You get the ideal kite equipment suitable for beginners, which is also perfect for the prevailing wind situation. Only sun protection, swimwear and a towel are required.

What kitesurfing lessons are there?

The exact setup of kitesurfing courses differs between kite schools. This applies both to the duration and to the course content. In this section, we have summarized the most common elements for you.

Kitesurf taster lesson

Ideal for the undecided or those of you who just want to feel the powers of a kite.

  • Duration: usually 3-4 hours
  • Prior knowledge required: no
  • Course objective: Basic kitesurfing knowledge, flight training in the water
  • Group Course: Yes

Kitesurfing lessons for beginners

The first step is usually the most important one – no matter what! Kitesurfing lessons are the ideal start to the new hobby and, for safety reasons, from our perspective also the only recommended entry.

  • Duration: usually 4 days, 4 hours per day
  • Prior knowledge required: no
  • Course objective: Basic kitesurfing knowledge, body drags through the water, water start, optional: VDWS kitesurfing license
  • Group Course: Yes

Refresher Kitesurfing Lessons

For those of you who have not been on the water for a long time or still feel unsafe when kitesurfing, a refresher course is the right choice.

  • Duration: 1-3 hours
  • Previous knowledge required: first experience in kitesurfing
  • Course objective: Refresh the basics of a beginner's course and get back on the water safely
  • Contents: short repetition of the theory (e.g., safety systems and wind windows), practical exercises in the water to quickly regain safety in kiting
  • Group Course: Yes

Kitesurfing lessons for advanced kitesurfers

You are quite a pro already and want to reach the next level? An advanced course aims to do just that and will help you refine your technique and learn new tricks.

  • Duration: usually on an hourly basis
  • Previous knowledge required: safe altitude driving in all conditions in both directions
  • Course objective: your individual goal or the next VDWS level
  • Content: Improve kitesurfing skills as needed, learn tricks and improve safety
  • Group Course: Ja

Kitesurf Private Lessons

Although the most expensive option, private lessons are the most effective way to learn kitesurfing. These are particularly suitable for experienced kite surfers who want to improve in a few areas. But even beginners with little time can achieve faster learning success in private lessons than in group courses.

  • Duration: 1-2 hours per unit
  • Previous knowledge required: no
  • Course objective: Individual according to the student's wishes
  • Contents: Dry exercises, training on the water and theory

Kitesurfing lessons and kite camps for children

Lessons for children are offered from the aged of 12 at all levels. The contents coincide with those of the adult courses listed above. Didactically, children's courses are specially developed for children and teenagers. They often offer a good mix of sport, fun and active relaxation to do justice to the young kite surfers. Activities such as stand-up paddling or slackline challenges provide variety. Kitesurfing courses and kite camps for children take 3-7 days and are conducted by licensed kite surf instructors. Usually, all kitesurfing equipment as well as rich food are provided.

What is a VDWS kitesurfing license?

Kitesurfing lessons are often completed with the achievment of a VDWS "International Kiteboarding Basic Licence". Prerequisites for obtaining the license are the successfully passed theory and practical examination. The license is valid to proof your kitesurfing competence to authorities and confirms your sound safety training in kite sports.