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Canoe festivals, championships and lessons

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Canoeing is primarily a sport for nature lovers and adventurers. If you want to meet like-minded people or take your skills to the next level, you should know the below listed events and courses. This is also because safety and ability are elementary in order to keep enjoying this type of water sports on the long run. And you can get your extra boost of motivation at events such as canoe championships or festivals.

In this article we give you an overview of the most important championships, courses and festivals in the world of canoeing.

Canoe Championships

Once a year, competitions are usually held in the respective regions or canoe disciplines. So there is not only canoe racing, where the strongest rowers lead the way, but also white water racing. What counts here is the ability to react, skill and the ability to assess rapids. Some selected examples of races are:

  • German championships in canoe racing
  • Swiss whitewater downhill championships
  • Bavarian Championships

Canoe courses

Perfect technique, practiced capsizing roll and intelligent journey planning have to be learned! You can certainly do some research on the internet. But if you want professional feedback and individually tailored tips, canoe centres and water sports schools offer a wide range of classroom trainings, hands-on courses and workshops. Typical examples are:

  • Workshop trip planning & navigation
  • White water course for beginners
  • Advanced canoeing technics

Canoe Festivals

Canoe festivals are for those who even want to deal with canoes on shore. Here young and old can discover everything around the canoe. Examples are white water, canoe touring, SUP and canoe polo. You can also try out test boats here and usually buy canoes on site. The most popular canoe festivals include:

  • Canoe & Outdoor Testival
  • XXL paddle festival
  • Baltic Sea Festival

Off to the water!

Reading this article made you want to go canoeing. Then book the right equipment or lesson here at Quipleon. Or would you rather go on the water in a group and experience an adventure at the same time? Then learn more about the different canoe activities in this article.